About Us:


Over the last 10 years Win|Win Action has built a culture of collaboration, recognizing we must work across organizational siloes to achieve the systemic changes that will transform our democracy. Our network played a key role in winning unprecedented victories to expand voting rights, pass progressive ballot initiatives, and build grassroots power.


Our Vision:


We envision a democracy that inspires people – where individuals are engaged because they see themselves and their values reflected across our democracy; in the policies we advocate, the campaigns we organize, and leaders we elect.

Win|Win Action:


Win|Win is a network of progressive organizations coming together to advance racial, social, and economic equity across Washington through civic and political engagement. We fundamentally believe that cultivating a sustainable network of organizations rooted in collaboration and shared data is the path towards a more reflective and representative democracy.


Our Strategies

Win|Win Action supports a network of organizations coming together to strengthen grassroots engagement and build political power. We provide strategic coordination, data and research, and individual technical assistance to increase our network’s collective ability to create change.

Our Partnerships

Our network is built on partnerships with over 30 organizations advocating for social justice, women’s right, the environment, and working families. Our partners attest to the unique value of Win|Win’s technical assistance, data, and coordination support to build long-term and sustainable wins.

About us

By coming together as a network, we are better able to create a democracy that is more accessible, inclusive, representative and inspiring to all people. Since our founding, Win|Win Action has played a key role in winning unprecedented victories.


Providing relevant election and demographic data analyses, and best practices in civic engagement is core to our mission

Win|Win partners activate a grassroots base on the issues that matter most.

Since 2012, Win/Win partners…

Represent over



Registerd more than


Washington State voters

Engagd in more than


phone conversations


“When we come together around a campaign, sometimes we aren’t thinking big enough. Its Win|Win’s job to keep focused on changing the system/the bigger, long-term goal.”

Tiffany Hankins, Executive Director, NARAL Pro-Choice Washington



“Win|Win is a fantastic partner for technical assistance. We are better able to engage our communities with their support with the voterfile, expertise with phone banking, and equipment for our field efforts. Much of our coalition work would not be possible without this structure that helps keep us organized and updated on our collective activities.”

Akemi Matsumoto, Founding Board Member APACE & APACE Votes



“In addition to providing reliable data, mapping, and technical support, being part of the Win|Win allows us to work in coordination with our community partners on issues and policies that are important to workers, families, and communities.”

April Sims, WA State Labor Council



“Our members aren’t single issue people, so our organizations shouldn’t operate that way either.”

Spencer Olson, Director, Communications Hub

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