About the Democracy Hub

The Washington Democracy Hub is a collaborative project of Win|Win that combines research, strategy, and movement building to foster a democracy that is equitable, empowering, expansive, and equally representative. The project is the brainchild of a community working group of funders, movement members, and leaders at the intersections of democracy reform. The Hub builds on Win|Win’s successful advocacy on voting rights and was created to strengthen the connections between groups and organizations working in the democracy reform space towards building a stronger, trusted, and genuinely representative democracy.

The Democracy Hub’s vision for democracy, strategy, policy recommendations, and values were co-created by the democracy reform movement. Over seventy individuals from sixty organizations came together over the course of 18 months, in-person and virtually, to drive the Hub’s major project components –original research, democracy landscape assessment, long-term agenda setting, and movement building. Recognizing that much of the work done to strengthen our democracy has happened in silos, the Hub takes a values approach to connect groups across issues and create a real movement for democracy reform in Washington State.

Through this collaborative approach, the Hub conducted innovative community-based research to inform the first-of-its-kind Healthy Democracy Index – a collaborative project that outlines a clear vision, values, and policy recommendations for the democracy we deserve. The index provides a guide and roadmap to inform Win|Win’s policy priorities moving forward. 


We envision a thriving and resilient democracy where our elected leaders represent the needs and diversity of our great state, where all people are engaged in the democratic process, and where all people know they can rely on their elected leaders to serve their best interests.


The Hub collaborates with civic and community-based organizations to develop and implement a long-term movement agenda for democracy reform across Washington State.

Issue Areas
  • Election administration
  • Electoral systems and methods
  • Campaign finance systems
  • Voting rights and access
  • Fair courts

Our Values

The Hub worked with over 25 movement members to crowdsource, identify, and refine a set of core values that underpin the democracy we envision; the 4Es of Democracy serve as our framework and guide for policy solutions:

Equally Representative

Elected officials are fully reflective of and responsive to our communities. Our elected representatives and government should work for the districts and communities they represent. Each vote should be counted equally, and each representative should be elected fairly and as a result of the will of the people. This value forms the very basis of our democracy.


People actively exercise their civic duties including and beyond voting; for example – registering, voting and serving for jury duty. People feel they impact policy change and have the confidence that our voices eclipse the needs of wealthy special interests. The responsibility must be on our government and elected leaders to foster that confidence through the passage of laws, programs, and systems that seek to equalize the power between powerful wealthy interests and everyday residents. This value defines why people choose to participate in our democracy.


All branches of government are just, fair, and prioritize the needs of the most vulnerable and marginalized communities. Institutions and laws are trusted as fairly created and implemented. Our laws create shared economic opportunity and provide paths to a truly equal society. This includes looking at data with an equity lens to close all current gaps on voter registration, voter turnout, elected representation, and equal access to public institutions and influence. This value clarifies how our system of democracy should function for “we the people” to truly become a reality.


Democratic values are strong and promoted in all forms, functions, and systems of public life. Democracy is viewed beyond the act of voting, but in the democratic practice and experience within our public institutions. We celebrate democracy, inclusion and participation through: respectful debate, listening sessions, and participatory decision making work, which betters not only our government, but our society as a whole. Infusing these values into all walks of life fosters understanding, dialogue, and solutions that take into account the needs of the majority of people impacted. This value cements our commitment to a thriving and active democracy.