“Rules of the game” policies

We provide ongoing individual and group support to integrate best practices in member and voter engagement that builds connections between organizations and enables them to better meet their mission.

Relevant trainings

We identify ongoing needs and provide trainings and support for our network partners around 501 c3/c4 compliance, Data collection and management (including Excel and other data tools), Campaign targeting & planning, and leadership development that supports open communication, learning through difference, and taking risks.

Ongoing assistance & support

  • Voter file access and support, including targeting for Network programs and campaigns
  • Access to peer to peer text messaging platform
  • Access to a technology library of Chromebooks, phones, android tablets and iPod touches
  • Data entry services for pledge to vote, voter registrations, and other types of partner data gathering
  • Fiscal Sponsorships for emerging and growing community-based organizations
  • Sharing different data sets and research to help inform strategic voter engagement and targeting, and base building