Coalition building

We build dynamic coalitions around strategic initiatives that will increase political participation and representation. We leverage the expertise of our partners, create clear strategy and shared accountability for success.

Win|Win Action has a unique birds-eye view of the various programs and priorities of our partners and we convene a number of strategic coalitions around the intersections of these priorities. The underlying goal for each is to inspire community engagement, build grassroots power, and advance policies that make democracy more accessible for communities with the largest disparities and who are least represented: young people, people of color, and low income individuals. We provide planning, goal setting, and coordinating capacity that draws from the strengths of our partners and ensures the work is divided appropriately.

WA Voting Justice Coalition

Win|Win’s Voting Justice coalition is dedicated to expanding access to our democracy and removing barriers to voting – systemic issues that impact our partner organizations and their ability to mobilize community. The coalition represents disenfranchised communities, good government, service providers, advocacy, and civic engagement organizations. Over the last two years, they developed a strategic campaign to advance a suite of voting access policies, including Automatic Voter Registration, pre-registration for 16 & 17 year-olds, same day voter registration. And, in 2018 they were successful in their efforts which puts Washington State at the forefront of voter access. Visit our Facebook group.

Ballot initiatives

We play a supporting role in many local and statewide ballot initiative campaigns, providing coordination, targeting, and data expertise to help drive voter contact strategies. In the past few years, we’ve worked with our partners on Initiatives R-71 and R-74 to achieve marriage equality, I-594 for universal background checks on gun purchases, Washington’s Minimum Wage campaign, and many local levy campaigns.

Honest Elections Seattle

Win|Win coordinates the successful Honest Elections Seattle (HES) Campaign which spearheaded the winning initiative in 2015 that resulted in a new public financing system in the form of Democracy Vouchers. HES Partners worked on the rule-making with Seattle Ethics & Elections and implemented a community education campaign in 2017 to ensure Seattle Voters knew about this innovative new approach to campaign finance. We will continue our education campaign as the program expands in 2019 and 2021. Learn more in our initial report that analyzes Democracy Voucher use in 2017.

ElectU: Coordinating a leadership pipeline for public office

Our newest collaboration focuses on candidate recruitment, training, and support to build a stronger and more reflective pipeline of candidates ready to run for office down ballot. Win|Win Action provides coordination and analyses to help partners sequence trainings, coordinate communications, and develop shared plans around non-partisan municipal elections that elevate candidates of color, women, young people and LGBTQ folx.