Our Commitment to Racial Equity

The foundation of this country is rooted in racism in which our political and civic institutions were built to create a democracy that systematically disenfranchises communities of color. In the past, we failed to acknowledge this history, which contributed to our role upholding white supremacy and perpetuating inequities in our progressive movement. Today, we are diligent in our recognition of this history as part of our commitment to undoing racism.

Win|Win is a network comprised of many different organizations and we have a responsibility to approach anti-racist work with urgency and intention. We understand that uplifting communities of color means fully shifting power within our network to prioritize new and equitable approaches to resource sharing and decision making. We recognize this is a long-term process and are intentionally operationalizing our commitments while being open to continuous learning throughout our entire organization. As a starting point, we make the following commitments to ourselves, our partners, and supporters.

    1. Acknowledge our position and privilege as a predominantly white-led organization with political power in the progressive ecosystem and commit to learning while accepting that we will get things wrong along the way.
    2. Challenge ourselves and others to name and deconstruct white supremacist norms that perpetuate systemic inequities and oppressive behaviors.
    3. Use principles of trust to develop a genuine network that inspires belonging by centering transparency, direct & honest communication, listening, respect, humility, curiosity, learning, and cultural humility.
    4. Institutionalize a racial equity committee of board and staff that critically analyzes all levels of the organization and our partnerships.
    5. Implement an anti-racist framework to inform resource allocation including finances, capacity building, technical assistance, partner, and campaign support.
    6. Prioritize practices and processes that increase retention and promotion of staff members of color.

At Win|Win, we recognize our role as gatekeepers of resources, relationships, and power and we must intentionally shift to become real partners in progress with communities of color. We also acknowledge that we have been an active participant in this system and through our silence, we’ve been complicit in maintaining the status quo. This has impacted our ability to retain staff of color and broken trust with our partners. Specifically, we have:

    • engaged communities of color in a transactional way
    • historically co-opted community organizing successes
    • created plans without thoughtful input from the partners most impacted by the systems we aim to change
    • revised our organizational mission to include racial equity without a critical understanding of how this commitment changes our work

Without taking bold steps to operationalize racial equity, our work will continue to be transactional and uphold systems of oppression. We are ultimately accountable to our network partners and community allies and will proactively engage their input and feedback. This statement is not meant to be static, but used as a foundation to guide our work in recreating the democracy we need and how we will get there. 

Affirmed on April 25, 2019

Win|Win Action Board
Gaurab Bansal
Toby Crittenden
Sarah Cherin
Adam Glickman
Treasure Mackely
Aaron Ostrom

Win|Win Network Board
Marcy Bowers
Esther Handy
Kristina Logsdon
April Sims
Remy Trupin

We want to thank Maketa Wilborn whose graphic facilitation and racial equity framework are highlighted in the photo above.  We also want to acknowledge the team of current and former staff who worked in partnership with a set of board members to create this statement: Leslie Potts, Alicia Radford, Elsa Batres-Boni, Katie Stultz, Chris Castaneda-Barajas, Liz Dupee, Shin Shin Hsia, Alissa Haslam, & Cara Bilodeau, Gaurab Bansal, April Sims, Remy Trupin.