About us

Over the last 10 years Win|Win Action has built a culture of collaboration, recognizing we must work across organizational siloes to achieve the systemic changes that will transform our democracy. Our network played a key role in winning unprecedented victories to expand voting rights, pass progressive ballot initiatives, and build grassroots power.

Win|Win Action’s mission is to cultivate a network of progressive organizations coming together to advance racial, social, and economic equity across Washington through civic and political engagement.

Why a Network?

We were founded on the fundamental belief that we have longer lasting impact when we work together across organizational silos. By coming together as a network, we create unique opportunities to focus on long-term, big picture intersections between advocacy, political, labor, and community-based organizations to fundamentally shape our democracy into one that is more accessible, inclusive, and representative.

Win|Win's Theory of Change

The success of our network relies on regular input from the partners we serve to ensure we are providing the most relevant and timely support and technical assistance. In late 2015, Win|Win interviewed over 30 individual advocates, staff, and board members to help us clearly define our strategic advantage and abilities to be the most effective collaborator with our partner organizations.

What developed is our theory of change that leverages Win|Win’s unique strengths in data analysis and long-term thinking to coordinate organizations around shared strategy and advocacy campaigns that build power and representation to win big on progressive issues.

Win|Win uses our strategic advantages in:


Long-term Thinking

To strengthen the collective capacity of a broad community of organizations to:

Inspire civic engagement

Increase political access and representation

Change the political landscape

We are committed to strengthening our partners with trainings, tools, best practices, and individual support.

With that in mind, we focus our work into three strategies:

Data & Analyses


Strategic Coordination


Technical Assistance

To achieve our mission:

To cultivate a powerful network of progressive organizations working together to advance racial, social and economic equity across Washington State.